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It’s the 50th Anniversary of Rising Damp this year and, hopefully, we’ll see the show celebrated in some form. As usual, I’l be the last to know, but if anyone has any information on any company putting together a tribute, I’d be grateful to know.

A new Q&A with Don Warrington recently appeared in the Guardian. Click HERE

Updated a few screen grabs with some new higher res pictures.

The Royal Mail have decided not to commemorate Rising Damp with a stamp to celebrate the 50th Anniversary. However, they are releasing one for Porridge on 3rd September!

Our NEW X page is proving a lot of fun – Please take a look and follow us HERE

Thanks to Rising Damp follower, Dene, for sending through some very rare and interesting cuttings on the series and cast. Notably an early review of the Banana Box from the Phoenix Theatre now on the site HERE

September 2023

With 2024 being the 50th Anniversary of Rising Damp, I am beginning to compile a number of documents for a new project. If anyone can help, share stories/cuttings or interviews with cast and crew, please drop me a line. Thank You.

July 2023

A NEW twitter page has been created for Rising Damp. Please take a look and follow us HERE

June 2023

A new article has appeared on the Daily Express website thanks to Katie Palmer ‘Where are the cast of Rising Damp now? From tragic stage death to Hollywood star’s dad’. You can read the article HERE

Rising Damp’s set designer, Colin Pigott, sadly passed away earlier this year. Colin had worked in the industry for over 50 years, his first job was for Billy Cotton Band Show in 1963. His notable work includes collaborating with Eric Chappell on his sitcoms (Duty Free, Only When I Laugh), designing the first house for ‘Big Brother’ in the UK, sets for ‘They Think it’s All Over’, ‘Argumental’, and shows for Graham Norton and Michael McIntyre. Colin was highly respected in the industry and produced some of the most iconic sets in television. Colin’s sets for Rising Damp were packed with such fine, painstaking detail and realism, each room at Rigsby’s reflected each character perfectly. BAFTA placed a short tribute to Colin on their ‘In Memory of…’ page HERE

You can read more about Colin’s work on Rising Damp HERE

RISING DAMP The Movie! Added a new ‘Making of…’ page HERE

Thanks to Robert Gillespie for giving my site a plug on his Facebook page HERE.

Also added a link to a throughly absorbing interview with Robert Gillespie by Greg Jameson HERE for Entertainmentfocus.com

May 2023

Thank you to the actor, theatre director and writer, Robert Gillespie, who played the role of the Gasman in the episode, ‘The Last of the Big Spenders‘, who has supplied me with the information regarding his scene with Leonard. In the past I had heard that Leonard had pouches sewn into his trousers that, when a pulley was released, the coins would spill to the ground, but this wasn’t the case. In his latest book, ‘Are You Going To Do That Little Jump – The Adventure Continues’, Robert details how this scene really worked and what specific items were used to make the scene play out to perfection. You can read a snippet of how it worked HERE. For more stories from Robert’s sitcom career, and his extensive work in the arts, click HERE.

Thanks to Nik, the manager at The Sulgrave Club, for confirming the rehearsal photos featured HERE were in fact from the Club.  Nick recognised the chairs which were used in their sports hall where rehearsals for the show took place between 1975 – 78.

April 2023

Images added to cast Bios

Updated the Producers page HERE

Posted the first questionnaire I sent Eric Chappell for the “Oh…Miss Jones!” Official Magazine back in 1995 HERE

I’m always curious to see what’s been posted on the internet regarding Rising Damp. Having collected comedy items for many years, it’s amazing to see clips/shows that were hard to find back in the 80s/90s, now appear on file sharing sites.

A recent search brought up a few items related to the actor Ralph Fiennes. As you can read HERE, in the early 00s I was talking to the actor Mark Gatiss and he recommended I reach out to Ralph to see if he was interested in playing Rigsby in my production of Eric Chappell’s new stage version of Rising Damp.

I recently found a few articles that compared Ralph to Rigsby…

HERE An account is required to read the full article

HERE Returning to the role of Richard III in 2016

HERE A Q&A with Guardian readers, Ralph answers a question regarding a resemblance to Leonard Rossiter/Rigsby.

April 2023 – Just added a number of new pages to the site.

Derek Newark Bio – Hard as Nails – HERE

The Production Crew – HERE

Without Whom – A look at the Team behind the series HERE

The Episode Guide – At a glance HERE

Creating an Episode – A week in production HERE

March 2023 – Updated the Rising Damp movie page with a link to an interview with the poster artist, Tom Beauvais.

March 2023 – Updated Gallery

Feb 2023 – Added Bio of Richard Beckinsale and some reflections from Richard of playing Alan and his time in Rising Damp.

Dec 2022 – Added Bio of Don Warrington HERE Also added some reflections from Don on playing Philip. PLUS an old OMJ! questionnaire from 1994!

Dec 2022 – Added Bio of Frances de la Tour HERE. Also added some reflections from Frances of playing Ruth.

Dec 2022 – Thanks to the Tony Hancock Appreciation Society for giving my website a shout out on their social media platform @East_Cheam_Lad – some very supportive comments – thank you Martin and the team!

Dec 2022 – Spanish TV Magazine added to TV Times link.

NEW! October 2022 – CH5 Presents ‘LEONARD ROSSITER: COMEDY GREAT‘ A Celebration of the life and career of Leonard Rossiter.

For those in the UK: WATCH HERE ON CH5 WEBSITE