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DENNIS WILSON – What’s in a theme tune?

What’s in a theme tune?

Dennis Wilson

RIP: July 15, 1989 Aged 69



The one thing that I can clearly remember from the first time I saw Rising Damp was the front door and the old time clip-clop musical introduction. Simple, effective and it stayed with me to this day. As Eric Chappell was told by Producer Duncan Wood, the theme tune needed to be simple so it could be remembered, and it still is, 35 yrs. on and counting.
In much the same way as all great sitcoms, most people can recall the catchy theme tune be it Fawlty Towers (also by Dennis Wilson), Only Fools & Horses, Cheers, or Are You Being Served? to modern day classics such as The Office and The Royle Family.
Dennis Wilson was a highly respected pianist for many years, first appearing as himself on shows in the mid 50s, to arranging and conducting in the 70s, composing theme tunes and incidental music for some of our much-loved sitcoms throughout the 70s and 80s such as That’s My Boy, Till Death Us Do Part, My Wife Next Door, Fawlty Towers, Steptoe & Son (composer, incidental music only), Here’s Harry and a host of the nation’s favourite shows.

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