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Pics Copyright ITV
We saw the location of the house used in the film as part of ITV’s Rising Damp Forever Documentary.
Christopher Strauli, who played John in the film, and Director Joe McGrath, met up at the house a quick trip down memory lane.
As you can see from the images, Rigsby occupied the room adjacent to the front door, you can see him peering out of the corner window in the opening scenes of the film.
Joe McGrath chose this row of terrace houses in the 80s as the area, as he saw it, was much like a ‘slum’. Now, the houses are worth millions!
Filming in the house was very challenging as there was very little room to work due to the property’s numerous flights of stairs and narrow corridors.
In the scene where John and Philip a re peering through a hole to look into Ruth’s bedroom, Joe recalled in the documentary that they actually built up to three false ceilings to film the scene of the ceiling collapsing. As Joe proudly mentions, they got it all on the first take!
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