Oh…Miss Jones!



Introducing the young, attractive, forthright, free spirited, buxom, Brenda. Brought to the house on Alan’s idea that he could obtain Miss Jones’ room for her, when she departed with Desmond. An artist’s model, yes… a nude, Brenda models

for the local art group in town. Once, her previous landlord found out about this and tried it on with her, the reason why she left, so she took Alan’s recommendation, and came to this Rigsby’s. As Brenda says, “Some people think just because I take my clothes off for a living they think they can take advantage.” A warning shot for Rigsby, and he certainly doesn’t want to find out what happens if he gets a little too close for Brenda’s comfort.

She enjoys an evening out at the flicks with Alan and a visit to the local pub where she eats like a horse, “I eat and eat”, and drinks pints, much to Alan’s delight, “Eh…d’you hear that? she drinks pints! “. Brend’ enjoys a good relationship with Alan and helps to cure his prickly heat by giving him what it is that brings him out in it! Phil thinks Alan’s wasting his time with Brend’, he thinks she’s for the more experienced man and Alan wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Well, he’d be right, young Brenda certainly knows her way around the one tracked mind of most men….and Alan wouldn’t stand a chance!

Rigsby’s also got his eye on her, and her top button! With his artistic bent, he wants to get her down on canvas, or his new furniture, that she’s so warmly taken to, oh, and Rigsby’s wallet. Apparently, Rigsby’s convinced himself that he’s quite able to admire the female form without trying to fling his leg over it, but knowing his war wound, there’s really not much danger of that happening. Brenda’s evidently quite apprehensive of the sexually frustrated landlord and does her best to give him the cold shoulder but, for Rigsby, he’s far more interested in the other parts of her anatomy.

Rigsby: “l have a responsibility. I’m the landlord….This is a respectable house!“

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