Oh…Miss Jones!



Rehearsals: 13th – 15th July 1975 at The Sulgrave Boys Club, 287 Goldhawk Road, London, W12

1:30pm – 5:30pm

Walk-Through: 17th July 1975 at Yorkshire Television Centre, Leeds

Recorded: 18th July 1975 at Yorkshire Television Centre, Studio 4, Leeds

Broadcast: Friday 7:30pm 14th November 1975


Leonard Rossiter – Rigsby

Richard Beckinsale – Alan

Frances de la Tour – Ruth

Don Warrington – Philip


Creator/Writer – Eric Chappell

Producer/Director – Ronnie Baxter

Designer – Colin Pigott

Music – Dennis Wilson

Casting – James Ligatt

Floor Manager – Mike Purcell

Stage Manager – Terry Knowles

Production Asst – Mary Byrne

Lighting – Peter Squires

Cameras – Arthur Tipper

Sound – Ian Hughes

Vision Mixer – Kay Harrington

Tech Supervisor – Gordon Quin

Wardrobe – Brenda Fox

Make-up – Viv Locklin

Prop Buyer – Mike Killman

Call Boy – Tim Dowd

Warm-up – Felix Bowness

Episode Review

Ruth, one of Rigby’s hapless tenants, who also happens to be the light of his life, succeeds in trapping the landlord, even though he had his plimsolls on, into making a contribution to Famine Relief.
But once Ruth is out of earshot, Rigsby admits to his own student lodgers, Al and Phil, that he isn’t altogether in favour of the cause. When Philip retorts that Rigsby is riddled with prejudice and didn’t know what it was like to go hungry, the latter’s hackles rise. He accepts Philip’s five pound wager that he can’t go without food for 48-hours – and that means either an emptier stomach or an emptier wallet for Rigsby. The final outcome is enough to put anyone off their food!

Interesting to note:

  • Production# 2770
  • Fridays at 7.30pm, opposite US imports The Invisible Man, starring David McCallum
  • ‘Food Glorious Food’ – not in Top 20 viewing figures
  • Although ‘Food Glorious Food’ was the second episode to be broadcast, it was in fact the first episode to be recorded.

Did you know?

  • An additional curtain rail was fitted in the kitchen of the attic flat set with a length of thin material hanging from it for the scene in which Rigsby tries to hide from Miss Jones.
  • We see Rigsby’s flat is used for the first time.
  • Rigsby refers to Vienna as being a “good girl’ where in fact the cat is a tom, or is it? See the section ‘Ohhh Vienna’ on the website.
  • Four mews were ‘fed in’ during the sequence in which Vienna asks for food.
  • End credits were superimposed over the “RISING DAMP” caption slide.

Dressing Rooms:-

Leonard Rossiter #12

Richard Beckinsale #11

Frances de la Tour #6

Don Warrington #8

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