Oh…Miss Jones!



Rehearsals: 1st – 4th May 1977 at The Sulgrave Boys Club, 287 Goldhawk Road, London, W12

1:30pm – 5:30pm

Walk-Through: 6th May 1977 at Yorkshire Television Centre, Leeds

Recorded: 6th May 1977 at Yorkshire Television Centre, Studio 4, Leeds

Broadcast: Tuesday 8:30pm 17th May 1977


Leonard Rossiter – Rigsby

Richard Beckinsale – Alan

Frances de la Tour – Ruth

Don Warrington – Philip

Judy Buxton – Caroline Armitage

Diana King – Mrs Armitage


Creator/Writer – Eric Chappell

Producer/Director – Ronnie Baxter

Designer – Colin Pigott

Music – Dennis Wilson

Casting – James Ligatt

Floor Manager – Don Clayton

Stage Manager – Olive Simpson

Production Asst – Evelyn Hirschstein

Lighting – John Watt

Cameras – Colin Philpott

Sound – Ian Hughes

Vision Mixer – Jackie O’Gorman

Tech Supervisor – Mike Wilkinson

Wardrobe – Brenda Fox

Make-up – Pearl Rashbash

Asst Stage Manager – Vanessa Ford

Props – Tony O’Toole

Production Buyer – Gil Procter

Scenes – Trevor Hodgson

Call Boy – Tim Dowd

Warm-up – Felix Bowness

Episode Review

It’s back to battle in bed-sitter land with a lowdown landlord and his luckless lodgers in another episode of…RISING DAMP

When student lodger Alan wants to invite his latest girlfriend back to his flat, landlord Rigsby won’t hear of it – until he learns that the father of the girl in question is a very wealthy property dealer who has cleared more land for car parks than the might of the German Luftwaffe! Then he changes his tune in a flash.
But when he plays host to society, his style doesn’t exactly meet with universal approval.

Interesting to note:

  • Production# 2883
  • ‘The Cocktail Hour’ – 8.05m (2nd)
  • Tuesdays at 8.30pm, opposite the penultimate series of long-running police drama Z Cars.
  • Judy Buxton’s character was originally intended to be an entirely different person – Angela Armitage – from the young lady she had previously played in ‘Clunk Click’.
  • Alan’s middle name – Guy – is mentioned for the first time.

Did you know?

  • Much to Rigsby’s amusement, Alan’s middle name – Guy – is mentioned for the first time.
  • Judy wore a flesh coloured body stocking during the scene in which she removes her skirt after laying in Alan’s jam butty!
  • The toilet flushing was ‘fed in’ during a scene in the first half.
  • A cardboard hat with the words ‘I fancy it’ was constructed for Leonard to wear.
  • The end credits were superimposed over the “RISING DAMP” caption slide.

Dressing Rooms:-

Leonard Rossiter #12

Richard Beckinsale #11

Frances de la Tour #6

Don Warrington #8

Judy Buxton #10

Diana King #7

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