Oh…Miss Jones!



Rehearsals: 12th – 15th November 1974 at St Paul’s Church Hall, Sussex Place, London W6

9:30 – 1:30pm 

Walk-Through: 17th November at Yorkshire Television Centre, Leeds

5 – 5:30pm

Recorded: 17th November 1974 at Yorkshire Television Centre, Studio 4, Leeds

Broadcast: Friday 8:30pm  20th December 1974


Leonard Rossiter – Rigsby

Richard Beckinsale – Alan

Frances de la Tour – Ruth 

Don Warrington – Philip

Derek Newark – Spooner

Frank Gatliff – Charles Briggs (Manager)

Extras – Tom Growlin, Penelope Carlisle, Sylvia Stoker, Patrick Lynas, Douglas Quaterman, Norah Blackman, Mark Freeman, Yvonne Sommerling, Stuart Teal, Tom Harrison, Martin le Roy.

Walk-ons – Peter Newton, Mike Thorley, Alan Frith, Fenella Stone, Conrad Vince, Carl Rae, Angela Elliott, Winifred Williams, Lisa Anning, Joanne Aspey.


Creator/Writer Eric Chappell

Producer/Director Ronnie Baxter

Designer Colin Pigott

Music Dennis Wilson

Casting James Ligatt

Floor Manager Mike Purcell

Stage Manager Terry Knowles

Production Asst Mary Byrne

Lighting Peter Squires

Cameras Colin Philpott

Sound Ian Hughes

Vision Mixer Kay Harrington

Tech Supervisor Gordon Quin

Wardrobe Brenda Fox

Make-up Diana Caplin

Prop Buyer Rod Saul

Call Boy John Heaton

Warm-up Felix Bowness

Episode Review

With landlord Rigsby, it’s one long bed-sitter battle in….RISING DAMP

When it comes to satirical ? elegance, landlord Rigsby is hardly likely, under normal circumstances, to win any fashion award – with the possible exception of first prize at a tramps ball. But tonight the circumstances aren’t normal and Rigsby is dressed to kill. At least, he thinks he is.
In reality the only ones he is likely to kill are student lodgers Alan and Philip – they could die laughing!
“Tonight’s a special occasion”, Rigsby explains. It’s Ruth’s birthday and so that she won’t have to spend it alone in her flat, he’s planned a special surprise for her. He’s booked a table at an exclusive country club.
And so, with Alan and Philip making up the numbers, the dashing, debonair, man-about-town Rigsby sets out to give Ruth an evening she’ll remember for a long time. And, with the unwelcome help of an irate professional wrestler and a snooty restaurant manager, he certainly succeeds…

Did you know?

  • Two suits of armour and a number of waiter’s outfits were hired for this episode. The contents of Spooner’s wardrobe were supplied by YTV’s costume dept.
  • Music was taken from stock for the latter half of the episode.
  • A large amount of candles and accessories were sourced for  The Grange sets.
  • A length of wire was attached to one of the suits of armour so that it could be made to fall as Rigsby and Alan exit The Grange.
  • The opening and end credits were superimposed over the “RISING DAMP” caption slide.

Interesting to note:

  • Production# 2754
  • Although the third episode to be broadcast, “A NIGHT OUT” was the fourth episode to be recorded.
  • Fridays at 8.30pm, opposite Ken Dodd’s World of Laughter
  • ‘A Night Out’ – not in Top 20

“There are so many factors that make it a paragon of funnies.  Firmly based in a human situation, garlanded with topical pokes and timeless ones, it is fully exploited by a marvellous cast.”

Tom Holt, The Stage and Television Today (23 January 1975)

Dressing Rooms:-

Leonard Rossiter #12

Richard Beckinsale #11

Frances de la Tour #6

Don Warrington #8

Derek Newark #7

Frank Gatliff #10

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