Oh…Miss Jones!



Rehearsals: 17th – 20th April 1977 at The Sulgrave Boys Club, 287 Goldhawk Road, London, W12

1:30pm – 5:30pm

Walk-Through: 21st April 1977 at Yorkshire Television Centre, Leeds

Recorded: 22nd April 1977 at Yorkshire Television Centre, Studio 4, Leeds

Broadcast: Tuesday 8:30pm 3rd May 1977


Leonard Rossiter – Rigsby

Richard Beckinsale – Alan

Frances de la Tour – Ruth

Don Warrington – Philip

David Swift – Mr Gray

John Clive – Samaritan

Extras: Buddy Prince and Derek Suthern – Stretcher-bearers


Creator/Writer – Eric Chappell

Producer/Director – Ronnie Baxter

Designer – Colin Pigott

Music – Dennis Wilson

Casting – James Ligatt

Floor Manager – Don Clayton

Stage Manager – Olive Simpson

Production Asst – Evelyn Hirschstein

Lighting – John Watt

Cameras – Arthur Tipper

Sound – Chris Warner

Vision Mixer – Kay Harrington

Tech Supervisor – Mike Wilkinson

Wardrobe – Brenda Fox

Make-up – Pam Fox

Props – Andy Rae

Production Buyer – Gil Procter

Scenes – Trevor Hodgson

Call Boy – Graham Thornton

Warm-up – Felix Bowness

Episode Review

It’s the return of Rigsby and the bleakest boardinghouse in bed-sit land, in….RISING DAMP

Any prospective tenant confronted with one of Rigsby’s decrepit rooms for the first time is likely to suffer a sever bout of melancholia as a result. But Mr Gray, the latest lodger at Rigsby’s seedy boardinghouse, is in such a depressed state when he arrives that the sleazy surroundings appear to be the least of his problems. So, for once, Rigsby’s dwelling’s has suited a tenant perfectly though there’s a feeling in the house that Mr Gray won’t be staying long enough to enjoy the atmosphere as he’s planning on getting out for good, an he’s not intending to emigrate!

Interesting to note:

  • Production# 2881
  • Tuesdays at 8.30pm, opposite the penultimate series of long-running police drama Z Cars.
  • ‘The Good Samaritans’ – 8.25m (3rd)

Did you know?

  • Frances de la Tour was also appearing in a BBC1 comedy special ‘Maggie – It’s Me by Bernard Taylor’, the same night this episode aired.
  • Frances travelled with her mother and elven week old son, Josh, for the recording of the show. Frances noted, “I leap in and feed him between takes, we have him very well organised.”
  • This episode featured a very elaborate set. A sloping roof was built on the floor of studio 4 to represent the boardinghouse’s rooftop, complete with 3 chimneys.
  • Dy ice was used to represent smoke from them.
  • Two ambulance men uniforms were hired for walk-ons Buddy Prince and Derek Suthern.
  • The sound of barking dogs was ‘fed in’ during the scene where Miss Jones and Mr Gray look out from the window.
  • The sound of a siren is ‘fed in’ as Rigsby, Alan and Philip go out onto the roof.
  • A small explosion is also ‘fed in’ as Miss Jones lights her gas oven with a rolled up newspaper. This can also be traced back to A Perfect Gentleman when Risgby’s oven also omits a ‘pop’ upon lighting.
  • The end credits were superimposed over the “RISING DAMP” caption slide.

Dressing Rooms:-

Leonard Rossiter #12

Richard Beckinsale #11

Frances de la Tour #6

Don Warrington #8

David Swift #9

John Clive #10

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