Oh…Miss Jones!


Here are a few interesting quotes from Richard over the years regarding the role of Alan Moore.
‘Rising Damp was originally done on the stage. I was offered a part in the play but, reluctantly, had to turn it down. Luckily, I was free by the time it was made into a TV series, so I jumped at the chance of playing Alan’.
‘I’m the one that never gets anything right and I’m never successful with the girls’’.
‘Leonard Rossiter and Ronnie Barker are the people I’ve worked with the longest in television, and I like them very much. Their extra experience rubs off on me too, I notice the way they handle the material. In a way, it’s like an unspoken thing – it’s a professional relationship. When you’re working in comedy especially, you notice that the actors are so sympathetic towards each other’.
‘We stick to the scripts very closely. Other things come out in rehearsal but with Eric Chappell’s writing in Rising Damp…, there’s really no need to change any lines’.
‘I suppose I tend to enjoy most of what I’m doing at the moment, and now it’s “Rising Damp” which is a huge challenge. Comedy is such a tricky thing and with a new series like this one, naturally you want to make it right, so you do put everything you’ve got into it. Of course, Leonard Rossiter, who plays Rigsby, the landlord in “Rising Damp” is a wonderful person to work with and obviously that helps to make it very rewarding’.
‘In “Rising Damp”, I play a lot of scenes with Don Warrington, who’s two years younger than me. But in the show, he’s supposed to be several years older. And I’m only 19. Working with Ronnie Barker and Leonard Rossiter for the past year has been terrific. We have a lot of fun away from the television cameras, as well as in front of them.’