Oh…Miss Jones!


Since the beginning of my research back in 1994 for my commemorative Rising Damp magazine, “Oh…Miss Jones!”, many people have been involved in my ongoing research and projects relating to ITV’s greatest sitcom, Rising Damp.
Whilst this list is just a snapshot of those who’ve made the journey with me, many friends and comedy lovers over the years have also provided interesting facts and information related to the series.
Now, 25 years later, I’m back unearthing many gem (some of which I’d forgotten I had), in my archive to publish here, the most comprehensive guide to the sitcom available.
To this day I am still very thankful that Eric Chappell showed such an interest in my projects, offering much support and encouragement.
Eric gave up time in his busy schedule to help support me and my research, to help where we could in pointing me in the right direction of useful sources of reference (David Taylor – thank you). He was so pleased with the magazine, he even ordered 4 extra copies!
Eric also sent me the new version of Rising Damp – The Stage Play, and wished me luck in producing it…see the Stage Play section of the website for more news on how that went, I can assure you it’s an interesting read!
So, a huge THANK YOU to Zak Newland, Paul Kaye, Derren Litten, Michael Kingsbury, Roger Angell and Paul Fisher for all the support and encouragement.
THE CAST: Frances de la Tour, Don Warrington, John Clive, Helen Fraser, Judy Buxton, Christopher Strauli, Roger Brierley, Peter Jeffrey, Robin Parkinson, Paula Wilcox, Peter Bowles, Deborah Watling, David Swift and Producer / Directors Ronnie Baxter and Vernon Lawrence. All were extremely kind and supportive in completing questionnaires, signing stills and forwarding fond memories of the series back in the 90s.
Special thanks to David Taylor – David produced the first Rising Damp magazine entitled ‘Rising Damp – the making of a situation comedy series’, an excellent, in depth look at the series with painstaking detail. These magazines from David were of great assistance when I first started compiling my archive. Some content from his magazine has been reproduced here to provide as much information as possible. Thank you David.
Of course, the passage of time has meant that a number of the beloved cast members mentioned above have passed on. We think of them with much happiness, bringing much laughter to their respected episodes.
My thanks also to the late Gillian Raine (Leonard’s widow) and Camilla Raine who fully supported my project from the start, and sent some wonderful notes of encouragement.
And finally, a very special note to Judy Buxton who, after 20 years, still kept her copy of my souvenir magazine from 1995. Upon asking to appear in the Rising Damp Forever documentary in 2016, Judy presented “Oh…Miss Jones!” to the producer!
Thanks Judy.
Dedicated to Eric Chappell,  Leonard Rosier, Richard Beckinsale, Don Warrington, and all the cast and crew responsible for creating the show.
Enjoy the archive!

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